HER show, Black Umbrella Gallery, 2018.


On display at Black Umbrella Art Gallery in Garden Grove, California in early 2018, HER show features a rich tapestry of female experience presented through the perspective of twenty contemporary female artists. By displaying works made by, and from, a solely female vantage point, themes of identity, embodiment, and inner/outer reality emerge as repeating themes throughout the show. The title HER solidifies this orientation and contextualizes the conversation with the viewer.

The pronoun “her” functions either in an objective manner, or to represent possession or belonging. This presentation of artwork is her story, in which she is the focal point. And while this show seeks to capture the essence of a vast landscape of women’s experiences, it is merely a small glimpse through the eyes of these twenty artists. The themes of gendered identity, embodiment, and inner/outer complexity convey a powerful, but nuanced, and intimate meaning in the hands of these capable art makers.

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